Podcast #1002 | The Power Behind Where You Sit

Thank you again for all your feedback and thoughts on the monthly podcast. I encourage you to continue to send in your thoughts and questions.

For this session, I’ve consolidated your questions to into The Power Behind Where You Sit.

I cover 3 Techniques on how to leverage the Power Seat to your advantage. I’m also including the below image to help illustrate my point on the power seat.

Let me know what you think.

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  • Great advice and insight, as always. I was not aware of the opportunity to create a “power seat” at a ROUND table. Very fascinating, will have to try one soon!

    Best regards,

  • Victoria Hobday

    Wow, what a great talk. I particularly like your second point about moving people around to encourage thinking. I have observed that territoriality in others and myself but have not appreciated its significance in terms of keeping us in comfort zones and the limiting roles that we create for ourselves.
    Thanks, Victoria

    • Hi Victoria,
      I’m glad you liked the podcast.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Victoria. I’m glad you liked it. We are creatures of habit. It’s a matter of reconditioning when it comes to learning new or modifying behaviors.

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