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“I recommended this eBook to some colleagues because it covers some aspects that are not easily to find, when talking about Project Management.  I have found that the most important area to cover on a project is people. The rest of the topics is a exact science, but people doesn’t.”

– Javier Extremera Hidalgo, PMP, Project Manager at Siemens Spain

  • Robert

    Every once in a while one should look back and review one’s knowledge, even basics (we all know how to drive a car, but if we did it after many years with a driving instructor I doubt that everyone would get a pass. We tend to forget things and that is natural) and this is the moment where Project X: Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance kicks in.

    Along the way on various functions I learned the hard way some basics of leadership through big and painful mistakes and since luck has been my companion with great mentors who tolerated failure, my career excelled nicely towards the top with project management, team work and other buzz words activities, but scratches from the big wounds remained, luckily in the form of learning towards improvement “from good to great”.

    First I briefly flew through the content, it looked good, promising. I left it for few days and than read it through in one go. It was a refreshing experience and a journey where I reviewed old and well know wisdom of project management in a very simple, nicely structured and easily accessible way that would land on a fertile ground even with some advanced practitioners of project management.

    Rediscovering failures and getting richer by learning better old-new ways should be the key, the quintessence of leadership at every level and this is exactly what this e-book offers, a nice companionship along the way of the craft of project management. I wish I only read it at the very beginning of my career, it would spare me lots of terrible moments, nerves and above all painful experiences and bad conflicts.

    A nice read for some and a must read for the others. I promise You want regret reading it.