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  1. Time Management: Tips From A Modern Woman

    Guest Post by Galit Ben-Joseph I’m honored to bring to you a guest a post by Galit Ben-Joseph a successful modern woman who’s taught me the secrets of work-life balance.  Besides holding several advance degrees, Galit is an Investment Advisor, Adjunct Professor, Doctoral Candidate, and Mom.  Enjoy! ——— Compared to our predecessors,...
  2. How Does Having Expert Power Help You?

    Industrial psychologists would tell you that Power and Authority play a significant role on being an effective leader. I’m going to share with you what it means to have expert power and how it benefits you when you’re kicking-off an initiative with a new project team.
  3. Psychology Today: Digital Leaders

    Recently, I was named the lead author for Psychology Today’s Digital Leaders column. The column is focused on transforming the digital age through revolutionary leadership (e.g., the impact of social media, tablets, etc. on leading new generations entering the workforce). I want to make sure that you have access to this information...
  4. Assessing Group Dynamics in the Workplace with Lego

    Many times when we are working in teams, we are focused on the objective: getting the project done in time and within budget.  What we sometimes fail to take into consideration is how we leverage each other’s strengths or weaknesses. Group dynamics focuses on evolution of group development and the inter-relationships...

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