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  1. Top Twitter Tips on Project Management

    Sometimes over the course of your career you will be asked to take unofficial management of a project. While at first you might get excited that you were entrusted with this new responsibility, quite quickly it becomes apparent that you are in a sticky situation....
  2. 5 Ways To Benefit From Training

    With the average cost of a four-year college degree now hovering around $20,000 per year, students of all ages are electing to enroll in online classes that are specifically targeted toward their current career goals..
  3. Project Managers Need Elevator Pitches Too

    It’s a Monday afternoon, and you’re getting ready to leave the office after a typical day in your project management world. The elevator door opens up, and standing right in front of you is your project’s sponsor.
  4. PMBOK 5 and the New Knowledge Area

        As you might have known, the draft of the fifth edition of the famous PMBOK Guide standard has introduced a new knowledge area, the Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area. So, where did it come from? What does it offer? I’ll try to explain it in detail in this article. The History of...

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