Human Performance

Human Performance Management is our core capability which is distilled into a single outcome and that is “to maximize and sustain the performance of people, at any level, in any context and in any function, in order to achieve change and capture the competitive advantage this gives our clients in their market”.
We build an in depth human performance business strategy and delivery program.  We work closely with clients to define how a human performance strategy and its implementation can capture and sustain a competitive advantage.
The Project Box’s human performance management services are best understood under three distinct pillars:

1.  Human Performance Interventions

The Project Box provides appropriate and effective interventions to clients that improve the performance of people at any level, in any function, industry or market.
These range from public and bespoke workshops, behavioral change programs including coaching and mentoring through to strategic performance analysis and the implementation of full human performance management strategies and systems that define and deliver change.

2.  Human Performance Ecology

Ecology affects the performance of people and their interaction with their environment.  Environment means business context to The Project Box and it is the lens through which our client’s view business opportunities and threats.
The business context shapes actions and behaviors and can have a positive or negative impact on the performance of the organization and its people.
The business context of a situation will be unique to the company its people and it will definitely be dynamic.
Through the ability to analyze and define interaction between the business and its business context The Project Box help client’s shape and influence human performance and the effectiveness of critical decision-making and subsequent implementation.
The Project Box has helped the Executive in many clients to implement strategies that influence the performance of individuals and populations at all levels and in all function, their performance range and capability to align with and exploit their business context.

3.  Human Performance Systems

To implement, sustain and improve human performance organizations need to get organized.  Leaders and Managers need to be able to effect behavioral change as quickly and effectively as possible and this means being able to make potentially complex decisions and see them implemented in a structured way using tools, techniques, communications, processes, technology and structures that enable rather than impede high performance.
The Project Box supports its clients in the design, build and continuous improvement of their performance management systems and procedures so that change can be implemented, achieved and sustained in complex and dynamic organizations.