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  1. 5 Key Skills Required by Project Managers

    As anyone who watches The Apprentice will tell you, one of the first questions that the teams are asked after each grueling challenge is, ‘How good was your project manager?’ If the team members are not full of praise at this point, the project managers should be feeling worried!
  2. Top 3 Leadership Essentials

    Leadership, however, can start at any level. In fact, I once heard the phrase “lead from the bottom up.” That phrase really made me decide that leadership is something that I have a passion for and not something I would take lightly.
  3. Virtual Project Management Office

    The virtual project management office consists of some main elements: a status panel, a task panel, a system of communication between participants (chat, forum), a program of tracking employees’ contribution to the project, time and task tracking
  4. 5 Technical Resume Do’s and Don’ts

    I've written or read thousands of resumes. I'd like to take a few minutes to distill a few of the primary do's - and don'ts - to help you make writing your technical resume (relatively) painless process. Of course, every resume - and every career - is unique, so these are broad ideas that can help a wide range of job seekers focus and clarify the technical resume.

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