Sales Performance Management 

Our history starts with sales and winning business.  We have been personally successful as coaches and leaders to sales Executives, sales Managers, and salespeople.
We are grounded in the reality of translating sales strategy into sales delivery through performance management and over the past decade we have helped and supported sales directors and leaders in achieving significant performance improvement and change in order to get the business results they are after.
We have achieved success through developing a sales performance service based on human performance and systems that addresses performance issues at any point of the sales and winning business cycles of your business and is founded on our expertise in behavioral change.
Like you, our clients in the sales function will engage with us because of a business driver that they understand or have yet to define all they know is that they are feeling business pain because sales are down, revenues and margins are suffering and they are losing market share.
In some cases the business driver for engagement has been the result of a business strategy that demands significant change in the way the sales function operates and its people, at all levels, perform.  This can be very fundamental change and challenges the sales director and his/her sales Managers to define and deliver a complete change in the sales structure, behaviors and skills, processes and people in order to deliver and sustain the results the Executive is after.
The Project Box will support you through this change to a successful outcome.  The services that The Project Box provides to Sales Executives and Managers include:

Psychological Selling Skills  

People buy from people most like themselves is a truism and the sales people (at any level) who can apply certain behavioral techniques will be able to influence the decision making of the potential client.
The Project Box provides sales teams, managers and executives with the foundation knowledge and skill set that gives them the ability to understand how people think and communicate and influence them.
We call it Psychological Selling Skills and deliver the capability over a two-day workshop followed by an optional program of coaching to embed the skill set and deliver behavioral change.  Having benefited from the foundation course our clients have usually elected to follow up the workshop with an advanced workshop that focuses on advanced sales influencing techniques for complex sales in complex environments.

Sales Management Profiling  

Whether you are changing the structure of your sales function, trying to identify those managers who have the competencies and behaviors for a new market, defining who in your team of managers can change or just want to know your managers individually so that you can performance manage them better then a clear well defined and context focused profile is essential.
Keeping your team of sales managers at high performance in complex and changing markets and client relationships demands that tough decisions on structure are made quickly and effectively.  With The Project Box’s psychometric tests and profile library of over 150 high performing sales managers in a range of markets and industries we can uncover any performance gaps against industry best practice that your managers may have and then help you deliver the behavioral change and skills required for them to reach high performance.

Sales Methodology Development

High performing sales teams adhere to effective sales methodologies, processes and practices.  Not those of other companies or technologies but those that are specific to what you want to achieve with your sales talent within the context of your market and its dynamics.  We believe that there are two sales processes:
  • the one that ensures that your sales people can process the sale in a professional and timely manner and the
  • one that wins you the sale in the first place.
Both should be specific to your business and its objectives, the way you sell, what you sell and who you sell it to.  We have helped many of its clients define the sales methodology that wins them business and sustains a profitable relationship.
From initial client prospecting through winning the business to closure and the establishment and exploitation of Key Accounts we will support you in the building of an effective sales methodology.

Sales Force Diagnostic and Change Implementation 

To achieve swift and effective change a Sales Executive should know the state of their sales capability from process to individual sales behaviors and what gaps might exist between their performance and what constitutes high performance in their industry or market.
We will provide a clear and effective sales force diagnostic that pulls no punches and will make you very aware of the risks that you are running.  Many of our clients now understand their situation regarding the status of their sales capability and the 20% of actions that need to take quickly to deliver 80% of the change required to move to sales high performance and sustain it.
After the swift delivery of the diagnostic we can become involved in the implementation of change in the sales force by supporting your sales managers and sales people through the use of our interventions based on your business requirements.  In the past this has included the deployment of our consultants to provide training and knowledge transfer to a client’s own internal resource or the complete outsourcing of the change program so that their sales teams can continue to sell.

Selling to Senior Executives  

Senior Executives are involved in the purchase of your products/services in a certain way and the ability of your sales people to influence them at every step of their decision making process is crucial to winning business in complex and dynamic circumstances.  In our two day workshop we answers the following questions:
  • when and why do senior executives get involved in the decision making process for major purchases?
  • when and why do executives agree to see a salesperson?
  • what is the most effective way for salespeople to gain access to high level executives?
  • what are the “roadblocks” and tests executives use to screen salespeople?
  • what has to happen in meetings with salespeople for the executive to feel that it was effective?
  • how does a salesperson establish long-term credibility and trust with executives?
  • what factors make “like rank” selling necessary?
  • what do executives expect from partner level suppliers?

Persuasion Skills for Sales People

People buy from people most like themselves is another truism and the ability of your sales people to persuade and influence potential and existing clients based on the knowledge of how people communicate and interact will win business.
We have supported many clients in the embedding of sales persuasion and influencing techniques and behaviors into how their sales people sell.  In a competitive sales environment sales people with this knowledge will outperform those who do not and we will ensure that your sales people are those that win.
Influence and Persuasion Skills for sales people is a two day interactive workshop that introduces sales people to basic techniques and behaviors that they can use immediately they complete the workshop. Thereafter, coaching programs to embed and reinforce behaviors can be implemented should a client require.