The Project Box portfolio of human performance services has evolved and crystallized over the years based on client business needs and our success in supporting them in achieving their business objectives at the tactical through to the strategic level.
We are a reflection of our success and our services can be broadly categorized into three distinct areas:
  • Human Performance Management (HPM),
  • Sales Performance Management (SPM) and
  • Behavioral Analysis.
All of our engagements are consultative in nature and involve us becoming a trusted and integral part of the client team but with a clear exit strategy.  Success for our clients has resulted in us becoming a leading worldwide provider of Human Performance consultancy in many industries and markets.
Our world class human performance experience and expertise in many industries and markets is fused into our services and is manifested in the behaviors and skills of our consultants, who constitute a world leading concentration of human performance management professionals.
We ensure that our global clients can exploit our knowledge of human behavior and its impact on performance to implement business strategies that deliver business change.  For some clients it is the very beginning of the journey to high performance but with others we enhance and sustain the high performance that already exists.  We have worked successfully with clients who need to implement significant change in the performance and behaviors of their people to achieve business targets, Mergers & Acquisitions, re-structuring, increased sales, product or service launches and go to market strategies.
Our interventions are always appropriate to the context of the client’s business challenge and span initial diagnosis through strategic planning to effective implementation and ‘through-life’ review and support.  Our diagnosis is quick and provides clients with the twenty percent of actions that need to be taken in order to deliver eighty percent of the change required.  Design and planning are always carried out in conjunction with the client and if our support in implementation is needed then we are able to deploy the most appropriate and effective performance management resource to ensure that change implementation is driven and successful.
As consultants we coach and mentor, we train and embed, we create and use deep simulation and interactive workshops, we profile and assess, we diagnose, we advise, we recruit and develop, we challenge and facilitate, we plan and implement but most of all we achieve and sustain high performance in people.