1. Top 5 Holiday Party Mistakes

    Over these next few weeks, organizations will kick-off their company holiday party. And every year, there is someone that makes a big mistake they regret the next day. Here are the top 5 big mistakes you don't want to make during your holiday party.
  2. Generations + Technology

    In fact, I'm not alone. Most Gen Xers experienced a similar path of technology evolution from computers to game consoles. Take a look at this infographic that outlines the typical GenX and Technology experience created by TopInfographics.com
  3. 3 Steps To Stand Out @ Work

    When we go shopping, we tend to buy products either because of our loyalty to the brand, the value the product offers, or have some sort of sentimental connection to the product. Similar to products, employers seek and retain employees based on the same principles. If you are not already doing so, I recommend that you start thinking of yourself as a product and an independent agent. ...
  4. Communicating Within 140 Characters

    From sharing pictures of your newborn on Facebook to Tweeting about where you buy diapers. Social media is changing is the way we communicate. The question is: How will it impact business communication? ...

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